“Saturdays with my Savior”

Posted on May 23, 2011 in Faith | 69 comments

When I was in Israel, I found myself continually searching the Gospel accounts of where we had just been, what we had just learned, what Jesus had actually said, and how Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John had chosen to record it. I love the whole Bible—the entirety of the Word of God is miraculously personal and powerful—but in Israel, so often sitting on the tour bus from one location to the next, I spent more time than I usually did in the Gospels. This felt like spending more time with Jesus, and in this I felt a unique blessing.

Right there on the bus I was compelled to create a reading schedule which would keep me reading the Gospels continually, just a little bit once a week, every week of the year. I was inspired to call it “Saturdays with my Savior” for several reasons. Saturdays are typically thought to be happy days…the work or school week is over for most, and now on Saturday it is time to enjoy the weekend. Our Savior wants us to enjoy Him.

Saturday is also often a “date night”—a night we spend with someone we love or a friend we cherish. Because of that expectation, it can also be a time of loneliness if we don’t have that person in our life right now. Anytime can be lonely, but a Saturday night can be extra hard because we feel so many others are out having fun. Guess who wants to spend that time with us?! That loneliness could be the biggest blessing in disguise because it leads us to Jesus who is ALWAYS wanting to get to know us intimately! So light a candle, enjoy a special food or drink, dress up or dress down (He adores us no matter what we look like!), and open your Bible to get to know Him.

Finally, Saturday is the day before most of us in the Christian faith worship in church. There’s something special about spending time with Jesus BEFORE worshipping Him. It’s as if our heart, mind, and even body get prepared for whatever He has in store for us on Sunday. It’s something we can’t know unless we experience it. I encourage you to try it.

So click the link to the Reading Schedule (below). Obviously, you can start it any Saturday of the year, and it will become your own. Set a consistent time and place if you enjoy a special date spot with Jesus—the mountains, the beach, simply staying in bed—or be spontaneous and go someplace new every week. But make it special…make “Saturdays with my Savior” something you look forward to all week! (And if you miss a Saturday, don’t beat yourself up but instead start back up as soon as you can. Even though I’ve given reasons to read on Saturdays, remember it’s the reading that’s important…much more so than the day.)

I’d love to hear if consistently reading about Jesus blesses you in a unique way—I can’t imagine it won’t, so don’t forget to write to tell me!

Download the reading schedule

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