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My Dream of Jesus

Posted on May 30, 2011 in Food and Fitness | 0 comments

In September 2010 I was reading a book given to me by a friend who works for Plant with Purpose, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to helping the rural poor through environmental, economic, and spiritual means. Honestly (and I can say this because he already knows!), I was not very excited to read this book because I’ve never been all that interested in environmental stuff. But if the truth be told, as I was leaving for the gym one morning in the dark, I remembered the television sets were currently broken so I’d want to have a book to read during my hour of cardio. I went back to my bookshelf and hurriedly grabbed whatever my hand landed on…which ended up being Tending to Eden by Scott Sabin, the executive director of Plant with Purpose.

My running and pedaling that hour went much more quickly than normal as I was immediately drawn into the stories Scott told. He has a way of writing that made me feel I was right there in the Dominican Republic or Tanzania or Oaxaca, Mexico, appreciating the people and culture in a brand new way. Not only that, but I also realized that I as a Christian deeply cared about God’s creation, and that sadly I had been overlooking this entire aspect of the Bible and God’s love for the world. The Holy Spirit was pricking my conscience, and as further days of cardio kept me reading the book, He did so in a very specific way.

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“Saturdays with my Savior”

Posted on May 23, 2011 in Faith | 0 comments

When I was in Israel, I found myself continually searching the Gospel accounts of where we had just been, what we had just learned, what Jesus had actually said, and how Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John had chosen to record it. I love the whole Bible—the entirety of the Word of God is miraculously personal and powerful—but in Israel, so often sitting on the tour bus from one location to the next, I spent more time than I usually did in the Gospels. This felt like spending more time with Jesus, and in this I felt a unique blessing.

Right there on the bus I was compelled to create a reading schedule which would keep me reading the Gospels continually, just a little bit once a week, every week of the year. I was inspired to call it “Saturdays with my Savior” for several reasons. Saturdays are typically thought to be happy days…the work or school week is over for most, and now on Saturday it is time to enjoy the weekend. Our Savior wants us to enjoy Him.

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