About Laurie

Laurie’s love for God and for writing began as a little girl. Without a Bible or much knowledge of the Christian faith, Laurie remembers starting her diary entries “Dear God,” when she was seven years old. She simply enjoyed communicating with her heavenly Father then, and she still enjoys writing, talking, and listening to Him today.  She is amazed and humbled by God’s faithfulness to her despite her many failings and awestruck by His strength and grace in her weaknesses.

Laurie was born in Enid, Oklahoma, but considers herself a Colorado native, having moved to Colorado Springs before kindergarten. She played many sports growing up—especially tennis and volleyball—enjoyed creative writing and acting, and desired to be a television news anchor when she attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. After graduating with a degree in journalism, Laurie ventured to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in front of the camera and behind it with her writing.

In the City of Angels Laurie attended her first Bible study, became a member of her first prayer group, and first learned the concept of biblical obedience (which she is still working on today!). She also met her husband on a mission trip to Mexico with their church, and they have now been married seventeen years.

Laurie and Jim have five children—Will, Chelsey, Danny, Joey, and Ben—and three dogs: Bella, Pebbles, and Bolt. They reside in Colorado Springs and enjoy many sports and outdoor activities during Colorado’s four seasons as well as traveling internationally with various ministries to learn about other people, cultures, and God’s work around the world.

Laurie has experienced much joy and much sorrow, yet sees God’s purpose and beauty in it all, believing unique blessing comes through suffering. She desires to pass along the comfort and encouragement she has received from the love, truth, and transforming power of God’s Word. Her daily, moment-by-moment goal is to make Jesus her First Love…to “serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind” (1 Chronicles 28:9) which she acknowledges is only possible by His grace. Laurie invites you to come along on the journey!