Laurie’s “Daily Scramble” in Oxygen Magazine!

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Have I mentioned I’m a dreamer? A BIG dreamer?! I guess I see no reason not to be. And so I go for it.

In December of 2006, the year that Ben died in May, the kids and I were at our local Walgreen’s drug store when I happened to notice my first women’s fitness magazine. It was Oxygen, and it had Tosca Reno on the cover. I started reading about her inspirational story and, since all my kids were occupied nearby looking at toys or books, I actually sat down on the floor and read through most of the magazine.

By this point I had fully shed all my pregnancy weight, had completely fallen in love with working out, and was truly in the best shape of my life. I was training for my first half-marathon but more than anything still loving strength training and my new healthy diet. It struck me that if Tosca Reno could be on the cover of this magazine because of her “Success Story,” why couldn’t I?

I wrote to Robert Kennedy, the publisher of the magazine headquartered in Toronto, Canada, simply because he seemed the highest on the totem pole. I told him my story, I sent him my pictures, and I shared with him my dream of being on the cover of his magazine. You can imagine my delight when I heard back from him!

Long story short, Bob—he insisted I call him that—and I began corresponding by mail, and I was shocked and elated when he CALLED to wish me luck before my first Figure competition in October of 2007. And guess what? He gave me a shot at my dream by giving me a COVER shoot in Las Vegas in March 2008.

By this time I was intensely training for my second Figure competition with Nationals on the horizon. I had won a couple of bikini model searches (at age 39), my second half-marathon was the following month, and I was studying to become a personal trainer. I lived, breathed, and embodied fitness, and the Oxygen cover shoot was the icing on the cake (pun intended…I rarely ate cake!!).

Eventually I learned my story and photo would not make the cover but instead be featured as a Success Story in the September 2009 issue. Not wanting to admit disappointment, I was genuinely grateful for the opportunity Bob had given me and our friendship which had developed.

The point of this story for today is that Oxygen featured a meal I ate every day and called it “Laurie’s Daily Scramble.” That was almost two years ago and guess what? I am STILL eating that dish almost every single day of my life! Sometimes I add brown rice, sometimes fresh tomato, and sometimes salsa, but the foundation is still TONS of fresh baby spinach, at least four egg whites and usually a sprinkle of fat-free cheese. Of course the meal is excellent for breakfast, but I usually eat it for lunch or dinner. It is SO delicious, nutritious, and satisfying which is the key to maintaining a successful clean-eating diet for life.

There is much more I plan to share regarding FOOD! Let me know if you have diet questions…I like to think of myself as a “Fit Foodie” and would consider it a joy to dialogue!

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