My Dream of Jesus

Posted on May 30, 2011 in Food and Fitness | 69 comments

In September 2010 I was reading a book given to me by a friend who works for Plant with Purpose, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to helping the rural poor through environmental, economic, and spiritual means. Honestly (and I can say this because he already knows!), I was not very excited to read this book because I’ve never been all that interested in environmental stuff. But if the truth be told, as I was leaving for the gym one morning in the dark, I remembered the television sets were currently broken so I’d want to have a book to read during my hour of cardio. I went back to my bookshelf and hurriedly grabbed whatever my hand landed on…which ended up being Tending to Eden by Scott Sabin, the executive director of Plant with Purpose.

My running and pedaling that hour went much more quickly than normal as I was immediately drawn into the stories Scott told. He has a way of writing that made me feel I was right there in the Dominican Republic or Tanzania or Oaxaca, Mexico, appreciating the people and culture in a brand new way. Not only that, but I also realized that I as a Christian deeply cared about God’s creation, and that sadly I had been overlooking this entire aspect of the Bible and God’s love for the world. The Holy Spirit was pricking my conscience, and as further days of cardio kept me reading the book, He did so in a very specific way.

Just as people remember exactly where they were when 9/11 happened, I remember exactly where I was when God spoke to my heart about a sacrifice He wanted me to give. There I was pedaling, engrossed in Tending to Eden, when the Holy Spirit counseled me to stop getting manicures for one year and instead give the money I would have spent to Plant with Purpose to help rural women and their families. It was literally as if God whispered to me, “Those women don’t get their nails done; why should you?” He wasn’t being mean, just matter-of-fact. Somehow I knew immediately He had chosen my fingernails as opposed to my toenails or hair or makeup because our hands are something we constantly see. My unpolished nails would be a constant reminder of 1.) my “sisters” around the world and the unity we share in using our hands similar ways, 2.) the restoring and redeeming “creation care” ministry of Plant with Purpose around this globe, and 3.) the importance of being obedient to God’s very personal call in our life—something which has convicted and encouraged me several times since. But wait to hear the coolest part…

A couple nights later I had a dream I’ll never forget. It was short but profound. In the dream I was looking down at my hands, seeing my ten unpolished nails. Suddenly a man appeared directly in front of me. I looked up to see who it was standing so close to me. I couldn’t believe when I realized it was Jesus! He looked me right in the eyes and said very calmly, “I think your nails are beautiful.” And the dream ended. That’s it…that’s all it was, but it was MIND-BLOWING! I hadn’t thought I needed confirmation about no longer doing my nails, but this certainly gave it! If the Son of God thinks my nails are beautiful (the way He made them!), that’s plenty good enough for me.

Have you had a cool dream of Jesus? If so, by all means, please share!!

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