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The Wonderful World of SISTERS

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These last several days I have been re-reading the hundreds of e-mails and cards I received when I was pregnant with my fifth child (over five years ago) whom we learned had two fatal conditions and died five hours after his birth.  I hadn’t read these notes since then and am deeply touched by the many and varied expressions of sympathy and compassion which came my way during this very dark, painful time.  Although there were indeed a handful of men who were true friends and I know fervently prayed for me and our family, most of the love lavished on me came through women–and I honestly don’t know how I could have made it through this time (and various other happenings in my life) without them.  I wish I could thank each and every one face-to-face.

One of the e-mails included a story entitled “Sisters” which I’d like to dedicate to all the ladies in my life, then and now, who mean so much to me.  I did not write it nor do I know who did.  I don’t have a biological sister but I am SO grateful for the “Sisters” God has given me, especially when I’ve needed them most.

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Pride, Potato Chips, and Procrastination ~ Turning Struggle into Striving

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Since posting my entry on “Woman’s Struggle with Food,” I heard a sermon which provides excellent follow-up advice. Although Pastor Al Pittman was speaking in spiritual terms, about struggles in our everyday journeys of faith, I believe the principle applies practically and meaningfully to our relationships with food and fitness too. I have been VERY excited to share this with you because I experienced “deliverance” from a struggle in my own life soon after hearing the message. I believe this same freedom from however you currently struggle is waiting for you too! Being freed from the power of a “cookie”—literally or figuratively—feels SO good…Let me explain.

When Jesus said, “Strive to enter through the narrow door” (Luke 13:24) He was describing the effort we must make to enter the kingdom of God. The original Greek meaning for the word “strive” is “to contest; to compete for a prize; to contend with an adversary.” In other parts of the Bible, it is the same word used to describe the strict training an athlete endures before competing in a race (1 Corinthians 9:25), struggling with all of one’s energy (Colossians 1:29), wrestling in prayer (Colossians 4:12), and fighting the good fight of the faith (1Timothy 6:12 and 2 Timothy 4:7). Clearly there is nothing casual, accidental, or nonchalant about the way Jesus wants us to approach that narrow door…but why? Why must we make such a determined effort?  

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How Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic Inspire Our Spiritual Fitness

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I am so excited for the match to begin! At the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows, New York, of course…the Men’s Final at 2 p.m. Colorado time, TODAY! The world’s #1, Novak Djokovic, versus the world’s #2, Rafael Nadal. For me, a dream day in sports.

Yes, we’re in for a fantastic tennis match with two men of extraordinary athletic abilities, but what makes them two of my favorite athletes is even more noteworthy: they both, in different ways, inspire me toward excellence in my spiritual fitness. Although I don’t personally know them or their relationships with God, just by watching them over the years do I think Rafa and Djokovic exude Christlike qualities consistently and powerfully. They overflow with traits I highly esteem—probably because in these areas I have much room to grow. Whether you’re a tennis fan or not, please indulge me for just a bit, and I can almost guarantee these two lavishers of tennis love will inspire you, too.

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Woman’s Struggle with Food… from Eve to You and Me

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My heart is heavy as I write. Yesterday I received a call from a friend in tears. At various points in the conversation I thought my cell coverage was gone because I could no longer hear her voice. But every time connection was remade, I learned it had been her emotions choking her voice box, not allowing her to speak. As I was in my car, picking up two of my boys from school, I pressed my phone tightly to my ear and tried to listen very carefully to the words she was able to produce. I learned her feelings of such overwhelming sadness were about feeling 15-20 pounds overweight. “Laurie, I need your help. Do you think you can help me?” she cried.

This conversation comes only days after a lady I’ve never met read the article about me in the current issue of SHAPE magazine, googled my name, found my website (which is brand new and hasn’t even been formally announced to family and friends!), and e-mailed me a question. She said she’s been working out for twenty years but is “struggling with food.” She wanted to know how I ate to prepare my body to be photographed for the magazine.

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